Please see below a list of frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Prague Welcome Card?

Prague Welcome Card offers great value and convenience. City cards are fast becoming the modern way to see the best that cities have to offer. The Prague Welcome Card provides visitors with free public transport, free entrance to a great many venues and discounts for everything they may wish to buy. As well as saving money, visitors can often jump the ticket queues and save valuable time!

2. What does the Prague Welcome Card include?

The Prague Welcome Card includes a plastic card with space to write your name and the day of use commencement. The card is numbered to prevent possible misuse by another person. Important part of the Prague Welcome Card is Guide & Voucher booklet, containing individual vouchers numbered correspondingly with your card. These vouchers are to be exchanged for your free tickets to various venues and attractions like museum, galleries, monuments, exhibitions and others. The booklet furthermore contains vouchers entitling you to take part in sightseeing trips and outings and vouchers you can use to attend concerts and theatre performances with entitlement to a discount clearly marked on your voucher. Component part of the Prague Welcome Card is also the public transport tourist pass. The plastic card and the transport pass are both inserted in your Guide & Voucher booklet!

3. Where and for how long is the public transport tourist pass valid?

This 72 hour pass is valid on all urban transport including buses, trams and underground and also suburban buses and trains including the famous Prague funicular railway on Petrin Hill. If you travel outside city limits you can get the current information about the validity of your tourist pass in different tariff sections of the Prague City Transport at the boarding points of buses and trains. You have to stamp your pass before you commence the first trip on the public transport by means of stamping machines located at the entrances to underground or on the board of buses and trams.

Important warning: Inspectors (checkers) in Prague are entitled and frequently control validity of transport tickets and impose fines for traveling with invalid ticket. The invalid ticket or pass is any ticket not stamped or with expired 72 hour validity. Fines are very heavy and by far exceed the cost of the pass which is the part of the Prague Welcome Card!!

4. Are there any other advantages to the Prague Welcome Card?

Guide & Voucher booklet, which is a part and parcel of the Prague Welcome Card, includes vouchers assuring you advantageous part taking in sightseeing trips or in outings outside of Prague . These outings are put together in such a way as to show you the most interesting places in Prague surroundings. Tickets are available to you at prices for The Prague Welcome Card holders only. The price for each outing is clearly marked on your voucher. In some cases there is included lunch or dinner or entry to place of interest. So you don‘t pay anything-you are taken care of completely. In your booklet you’ll find many other vouchers offering you discounts, consessions or valuable presents in shops or cultural and sporting events. These vouchers are currently updated and varied as to make your stay in Prague as pleasant as possible and get to know the city and its people. So come and browse occasionallyon www.praguewelcomecard.com, and you get updated information about Prague and on “new deals“ secured for the Prague Welcome Card holders!

5. Where can I get The Prague Welcome Card?

You can obtain your Prague Welcome Card several ways.

  • The easiest is to use the How to order site on www.praguewelcomecard.com, fill in the form and completed send it to us.
  • Ask for the Prague Welcome Card, card at your travel agent or at ticketing offices.
  • If travelling by car you can get the Prague Welcome Card at the border crossings.
  • At the Prague airport.
  • At the selected agents.
  • For the current list of sale points consult www.praguewelcomecard.com.

6. How do I get the card?

  • Pick up the Prague Welcome Card at the sale point in your city.(See the list of the sale points).
  • The Prague Welcome Card can be mailed to your address (not recomended, mail gets lost).
  • The Prague Welcome Card can be delivered to your Prague address and wait for your arrival at the reception.

7. What is a start date?

The start date refers to the date when you first use your Prague Welcome Card. Card validity starts this day and covers the next three consecutive days. To avoid disappointment, it is important that the date you fill in is correct.

8. How long can I use my Prague Welcome Card?

The Prague Welcome Card is valid and free to use for one year from the purchase date. The expiry date is clearly marked on the card itself. From the moment you fill in the date of commencement the card‘s validity is four consecutive days. If the Prague Welcome Card is NOT properly filled in it is NOT valid and you may be refused acceptance.




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We are sorry to inform that from May, 4th to May, 18th 2017 we are not able to deliver cards to hotels. Ordered cards will be available on Main Train Station in Tourist Point office, where vouchers will be exchanged.

Sorry, for reconstruction reason is closed Clementinum from March 2017. We will inform you about the date of openning.

Join the 63 visitors of Prague, who yesterday ordered its Prague Welcome Card with delivery to hotel included. The service is free. We remind you that the card have to be ordered at least 48 hours before the requested delivery date.

Enjoy a tour of the Benedictine monastery of Emmaus, which was founded November 21, 1347 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Tour is now extended to an unique exhibition for the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.

Beginning of summer tourist season 2016 in Prague. On Sunday April 2, 2006 will take place a symbolic opening of Prague castle. This event will open this year tourist season. Visitors can hear salutations of historical rulers, enjoy musicians, dancers and swordsmen, historical parade with drummers. Refreshments will be available at stands on historical market. Most important places of Prague Castle, which are normally open only with valid ticket, will have free entrance.

Charles IV and Prague 2016. This year tourist seanson in Prague will be devoted to 700th anniversary of birth of Charles IV (1316 – 1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Charles IV stands among the most exceptional people of Czech and European history was an ambitious sovereign, shrewd politician, and urbanistic visionary. Throughout 2016, the year of his 700th birth anniversary, there will be a wide array of commemorative events ranging from exhibitions to historical-themed festivities, conferences, celebrations and special programmes for visitors such as themed tours and walk. For more informations see HERE

The Museum of Decorative Arts is closed for reconstruction. It will reopen in 2017. Thanks you for understanding. During reconstruction of historical building of National museum are expositions available in neighboring building, 30 steps to the left.

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