Legal policy

General conditions for the use of the Prague Welcome Card

1.1. Pulford spol. s r.o. is the exclusive issuer and distributor of the tourist card Prague Welcome Card (hereinafter only the “PWC”), which entitles its holder to free admission to selected monuments, museums, galleries and other buildings included in the PWC visitor programme (hereinafter referred to as the “Buildings”, “Admissions” and “Attractions”. A book of vouchers providing the PWC holder with admission to the individual Buildings is an integral part of this card. The book of vouchers also contains vouchers allowing the holder to use some other services (catering, transport, commercial and others) with entitlement to a discount or special conditions as given on the vouchers themselves.

1.2. The PWC is exclusively distributed through a network of contractual distributors and may not be sold, distributed or exchanged outside this network.

1.3. No other person than the PWC holder is entitled under any circumstances to interfere with the package in which the PWC is sold. When accepting a PWC the holder must ensure that the package has not been tampered with, which is his guarantee of the completeness and integrity of the PWC; he must also verify that the card identification and voucher numbers are identical.

PWC validity for admission to Buildings

2.1. The card is intended for the use of individual visitors to Buildings in the PWC programme. The card becomes valid after the identification data of the holder has been filled in, in particular the day, month and year on which use of the services will be commenced, allowing free admission to the Buildings in the PWC programme. From this date the card will be valid for individual admissions for a maximum of 72 hours. After the expiration of this period the PWC holder is no longer entitled to use the PWC programme services. After the purchase of a PWC the holder is not entitled to exchange or return the card, etc. The absolute final validity date, after which the card will no longer be usable, is also displayed on the card.

2.2. The card is not transferable and may only be used by the holder who has filled in his identification data. No compensation can be provided for a lost or otherwise devalued PWC and the PWC issuer will not be liable for any losses that the PWC holder incurs through its abuse, theft or devaluation.

2.3. When entering a Building in this programme the PWC holder must submit the card at the cash desk together with the voucher entitling him to free admission to the Building, which will be exchanged for a day ticket.

2.4. The staff at the cash desk of the Building are entitled to check the validity of the PWC, in particular the validity date and the identification data of the PWC holder, and also whether the PWC and voucher numbers are identical.

2.5. The staff of the Building are entitled, in the event the card or the voucher are not valid, to deny the card holder admission to the Building through the exchange of the voucher for a day ticket, or to require the holder to correctly fill in the identification data.

2.6. A voucher exchanged for a day ticket does not entitle the PWC holder to use other services such as a foreign language guided tour, entitlement to take photographs and so on, and this voucher cannot be exchanged for tickets or other performances such as short-term exhibitions, concerts and other events that are being held in the Building.

2.7. Pulford spol. s r.o. is not liable for any deficiencies in service or quality, or the closure of individual visited events (Admissions). Pulford spol. s r.o. is not liable for safety in regard to possessions or health during visits to individual Attractions using a PWC.

2.8. Any deficiencies and complaints regarding Admissions or the use of the PWC must be resolved by the PWC holder at the location of Admission and may not be addressed to Pulford spod. s r.o.

2.9. Pulford spol. s r.o. is not liable for any eventual temporary closures of Attractions.

2.10. The holder is not entitled to request further discounts, family discounts or other bonuses on the basis of a purchased PWC.

2.11. Pulford spol. s r.o. also is not liable in any way for any losses or expenditure the PWC holder may incur as a result of incorrect advertisements by the operators of Attractions or any other such misunderstandings or substitutions.

2.12. The holder of a PWC must take into account that the absolute and final validity of the PWC is 12 months from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise.

2.13. The holder of a PWC must take into account that he selects and visits all Attractions voluntarily and at his own risk.

2.14. The holder of a PWC must comply with the visiting and organisational rules of the individual Attractions and behave according to the instructions of the operators of the Attractions, for which Pulford spol. s r.o. can accept no liability.


3.1. The PWC holder is entitled to use the PWC to obtain a tourist public transport ticket. The use of this ticket is subject to the conditions of Prague Integrated Transport. The PWC issuer, Pulford spol. s r.o., is not liable for the incorrect use of the ticket or the consequences of this for the PWC holder.

PWC validity for using other services

4.1. The book of vouchers also contains vouchers entitling the PWC holder to use services and purchase goods from selected retailers and service providers included in the PWC programme on the basis of a contract with the PWC issuer.

4.2. The PWC holder only has the right to use services to the extent given on the voucher.

Validity of the PWC general conditions

5.1. The PWC general conditions are valid from 1 September 2005 until cancelled.

5.2. The PWC general conditions are binding for all participants in the PWC system.

5.3. The PWC general conditions have been issued in the Czech and English languages and the validity of both versions is the same. However, in the event of a discrepancy between them the Czech version will be given preference.

Pulford, spol. s r.p. Prague, 1st September 2005 

More emotions, more entertainment

We are sorry to inform that from May, 4th to May, 18th 2017 we are not able to deliver cards to hotels. Ordered cards will be available on Main Train Station in Tourist Point office, where vouchers will be exchanged.

Sorry, for reconstruction reason is closed Clementinum from March 2017. We will inform you about the date of openning.

Join the 63 visitors of Prague, who yesterday ordered its Prague Welcome Card with delivery to hotel included. The service is free. We remind you that the card have to be ordered at least 48 hours before the requested delivery date.

Enjoy a tour of the Benedictine monastery of Emmaus, which was founded November 21, 1347 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Tour is now extended to an unique exhibition for the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.

Beginning of summer tourist season 2016 in Prague. On Sunday April 2, 2006 will take place a symbolic opening of Prague castle. This event will open this year tourist season. Visitors can hear salutations of historical rulers, enjoy musicians, dancers and swordsmen, historical parade with drummers. Refreshments will be available at stands on historical market. Most important places of Prague Castle, which are normally open only with valid ticket, will have free entrance.

Charles IV and Prague 2016. This year tourist seanson in Prague will be devoted to 700th anniversary of birth of Charles IV (1316 – 1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Charles IV stands among the most exceptional people of Czech and European history was an ambitious sovereign, shrewd politician, and urbanistic visionary. Throughout 2016, the year of his 700th birth anniversary, there will be a wide array of commemorative events ranging from exhibitions to historical-themed festivities, conferences, celebrations and special programmes for visitors such as themed tours and walk. For more informations see HERE

The Museum of Decorative Arts is closed for reconstruction. It will reopen in 2017. Thanks you for understanding. During reconstruction of historical building of National museum are expositions available in neighboring building, 30 steps to the left.

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